22/06/2017 - WLN's footprint in Delhi, India

22 giugno 2017

Lo Studio Bussoletti Nuzzo & Associati, insieme agli altri membri del Warwick Legal Network, sostiene Medici Senza Frontiere in India (leggi di più: http://warwicklegal.com/news/114/wlns-footprint-in-delhi-india).



WLN had a fantastic conference in Delhi in February 2017 but it was touched too by the work of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) India (Doctors without Borders).

John van Loo spoke with three doctors volunteering for MSF about their work and when John told us about that, we were all impressed. They work in a clinic that helps victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence and they provide this help for free.  All services are offered in a friendly, confidential and unbiased manner.  A team of doctors, nurses and counsellors are available round the clock.  For patients requiring advanced medical care, MSF provides referrals to tertiary hospitals; and referrals  are also provided for other relevant services as and when required (tertiary care, legal, shelter etc.).

Sexual and gender based violence is quite a taboo in India and therefore it is difficult to reach those victims and to offer help.

MSF Delhi is now working on a campaign to advertise in the metro (see photos, right) and we gladly support their fantastic work and this campaign.  We are pleased in the meantime to have collected a significant sum from WLN members and paid that on to MSF.

Thanks very much to all who committed and donated to date!

For more information on MSF and their work in Delhi: https://www.msfindia.in/treating-survivors-sexual-and-gender-based-violence-delhi

If you have any questions about WLN's goals, please contact WLN Directors:

Stuart Miller – miller@warwicklegal.com 
John van Loo – vanloo@warwicklegal.com 

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